When it comes to editing photos, I’ve won the award, written the book, photoshopped the T-shirt. I have all the answers.

Now, what is your question please?

You are a professional that works with photographs and knows their value. You appreciate that the trouble with photos is that not every one comes out perfect or is even possible to shoot. That’s where I come in. The man behind the photographer.

Photo-editing is not always just retouching the model to make her look picture perfect. It’s not always just removing from or adding items to a photo either. When required, it can be a complete art form on its own. Creating a whole new look from a basic image. Like any art form it takes talent plus years of experience to get it right. I’ve done those years. My portfolio of clients tell me I’m getting it right.

But what does ‘getting it right’ mean for you?

There are the basic professional requirements of course. The end result has to be picture perfect. Seamless perfection. No imperfections, shadows don’t align with the light or one part of the image doesn’t quite line up where it should. Timing is always a big issue. Very often you have a clients deadline to meet, so the work needs to be back within the promised time frame. Cost has to come into it. There is a budget to work to so ‘creeping extras’ coming on the back of a ‘cheap’ price are not welcome at all. You need a good job at a reasonable price.

On top of those basics, you need to engage someone that you can work with. Where you talk to the man doing the job. Someone creative that can interpret your wishes without reams or hours of explanations and, when needed, can give advice without being pretentious.  What you don’t need is someone who is then going to hand it on to ‘his team’. The team being outsourced temporary staff. Nor do you want to be paying someone that is learning as they go. Lacking the speed, accuracy and fine detail of experience.

My name is Glenn Honiball. There is only me. No outsource team. No expensive offices. No massive overheads to include in my quotes to you. I work to deadlines. I keep to budget. I’ve been the man behind the photographer for over 25 years. You are not paying to train me. You can talk to me in plain English or industry jargon; I can interpret and understand both.

Phone: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 416-709-2930

Email: retouch@retouch.ca

In the world of advertising, precious seconds mean the difference between getting a sale before people look elsewhere. A good believable photo-illustration can help you get more attention and more sales. My job is to get people to stop and look at the photo for a few seconds. All you have to do now is call or email me.