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Retouching since 1988


How much do you charge?
Depends on the work required. I charge on a ‘per image’ or ‘per job’ basis. Please send me a small JPEG or PDF with retouching instructions and I’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.
How long does it take?
Depends on the retouching required and the scope of the job. Typically images can be turned around within 24 hours. In a RUSH!? Talk to me..
How long have you been retouching?
Over 25 years, closer to 30 years!
Is there anything you can't retouch?
Working with so many subjects over the years I am comfortable retouching any image.
Do you have a particular 'style' of retouching?
No, images shouldn’t look retouched.
Have you always worked on your own?
I have been on my own for several years. Prior to that I worked in the pre-press industry retouching.
What is your training?
I took a five year apprenticeship in colour and pre-press. I have a creative, artistic background which lends itself well to retouching. I started in the 1980’s working on a mainframe retouching computer system called a: ‘HELL Chromacom system’ They were big, difficult to learn and expensive! Took months to learn the cryptic German commands. I also worked with PC’s, Silicon Graphics and Mac computers. Software programs included, Alias Eclipse and Barco Creator. I was exposed to retouching thousands of images for the biggest photographers and ad agencies in town. Tight deadlines, feedback and working with real pros made me the retoucher I am today.
Other employees?
No, only me!
Do you only work locally?
I work with people from all over the world. There are no limits.
Do you teach?
I used to teach new retouchers on various retouching software programs when I was in the pre-press industry, but I no longer teach.


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