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nhkeeda lambert
23:23 11 Dec 18
Amazing customer service. Very fast and professional. He was beyond my expectations, very kind and the quality of the photo is just amazing!! Over all amazing. I RECOMMEND
Heather Terrence
18:31 10 Dec 18
Glenn's work is very good. He restored a black and white picture of my dad that was very damaged. Glenn was prompt at doing the work and the quality was impressive! Highly recommend him.
Sara Nunziato
23:10 29 Nov 18
Glenn is the best! Fast, Professional and Amazing Work! I will definately use this service again and again. Glenn sent back beautiful edits in no time, and even gave me a recommendation of where to print them. Thanks for everything Glenn, you're the real MVP.
Nicole Rubio
19:31 24 Nov 18
I wanted to restore my grandparents' old wallet-sized photo that has seen better days. Glenn turned in a high definition version that looked like it was taken yesterday. Couldn't be happier! Excellent work, Glenn!
John Blundell
14:56 14 Nov 18
Glenn's work is amazing. He is very friendly and professional. A real pleasure to do business with. He did a very quick job of restoring my photos. They are beautiful. Thanks so much Glenn.
Vivian Sin
15:01 05 Nov 18
I contacted Glenn based on the previous Google reviews for editing a family portrait (lighting issue) to turn into a canvas print. We went through 4 iterations of editing via emails and phone calls until we reached the final version. I was initially worried that I was being too picky, but Glenn was professional and receptive of my feedback each time. The end result felt like a cooperative effort. I would highly recommend Glenn for photo editing services.
Shelby Cvancic
17:26 26 Oct 18
I had a very old picture which was a little bigger than a post card stamp. Even though the picture had its imperfections, Glen retouched those areas in a very natural looking way. I asked him to retouch and lighten a few other areas as well, which he did. Basically whatever you need done, Glen will do his best to make it happen. He will keep working on the project until you're completely satisfied, and you really get a sense that its his number one priority. Glen did a phenomenal job on my project, and I couldn't be happier with the final outcome.
Peter N
17:20 16 Oct 18
Fast service good quality. Glenn edited and enhanced a photo for a time sensitive funeral portrait. Very reliable. Will visit again for future services.
Diane Rogers
21:53 01 Oct 18
Glenn provided excellent, speedy service which totally fulfilled my requirements. I provided 3 photos to create one composite photo which included all the people (some of whom were only on one photo), with everyone smiling and looking the same way. He was creative in the structuring and composition of the draft, and retouched the colours and shading of the final copy. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and skill. He made the whole process very easy. I would not hesitate to recommend him, or to use his services again.
Rhea Plosker
02:19 30 May 18
Glenn restored our original wedding photo. Our wedding photographer had taken a lovely black and white photo and then hand-painted the leaves. We loved it but it faded over time. Glenn scanned our negative, and re-created the beautiful photo, only better! Thanks so much for the lovely work and restored memories.
Maria Dametto
16:14 28 Apr 18
Glenn's work and communication was extremely professional. He made everything so simple, easy and perfect. The photos I needed retouched were my baby pictures from 1960, that were damaged and faded. I'm thankful that these photos have been restored for me and mom who asked me to have it done. Thanks Glenn, you're the best!
Colin Doyle
23:29 26 Apr 18
I asked Glenn to fix a badly damaged family photo. The result was incredible. The turn around time was fast considering the amount of professional work he must do. But he gave my request the same consideration and I will always remember that. I will use Retouch again and recommend Glenn’s amazing skill to anyone.
ar i
17:26 18 Apr 18
I have to say that from start to finish Glenn has been absolutely awesome to deal with. I sent him 2 old pictures from which he was able to create one amazing photo that exceeded my expectations. Very happy and totally satisfied. I highly recommend his services and will not hesitate to use them again.
Dee Diaz
00:50 22 Dec 17
Glenn is a consummate professional. Quick response to request. Clear communication and managed expectations. Very fair quote for the work involved. It’s easy to underestimate the time and expertise required to recreate photos but ultimately my personal and priceless memories were worth the investment and trust in Glenn. If you want great results, then retouch will deliver. I would highly recommend and more importantly use again. Thanks Glenn for helping us recapture an important family heritage moment!
Hazel Claxton
00:45 21 Dec 17
I would highly recommend Glenn for your photo retouching needs. From first contact to the finished product, it was a pleasure interacting with him. He definitely delivers on his commitment to customer satisfaction being his #1 priority. We talked through by phone and email what I was looking for and he provided me with great recommendations for how to achieve this. He then delivered on it in less than 24 hours, just in time for me to create a special Christmas present for my husband. Thank you Glenn!
Sara H
19:27 15 Dec 17
Glenn did a fantastic job retouching a few old pictures taken from the 80s and one that was sent to him via text message which was sent to me by a family member in the States also via text. I was a little apprehensive on how that one would've turned out considering, but like magic, Glenn did a remarkable job and for that I am incredibly grateful. His work is top notch.
ashley masri
23:49 04 Dec 17
Glenn was incredible to work with! He delivered fast service and a really impressive final product. I used Glenn to help edit some of my wedding photos. During my wedding we forgot to take an important family picture, and it was very upsetting for certain family members. Glenn was able to actually create the photo using other wedding photos taken throughout the day and you cannot tell the difference. Everyone is happy now 🙂 I am so grateful for his work. Thanks Glenn!
Mother Erth Inc.
16:05 13 Nov 17
As a social enterprise it is critical that we communicate our message effectively. Glenn handled our product image retouching and brought our photos to life. He took time to grasp our needs and produced stylish, elegant and modern images. His approach to design is fresh and current, with work ethics being prompt and efficient. Glenn expertly guided us through the process and we are 100% satisfied with the end-results. He has an exceptional ability to transform vision into on-target creative work at all levels of sophistication and in a timely manner, with quick and precise communication skills. Glenn has been an invaluable resource to us – We strongly recommended his work with confidence!
Christinne Muschi
02:47 08 Nov 17
Glenn is first-rate in quality., speed and professionalism. He provides quick turnaround, while maintaining high level professional work. His photo retouching skills are exceptional. He has impressed me with his attention to detail and quite frankly blows me away with the quality of his work. Recommend him- highly.
Carolyn Brandstatter
15:23 04 Oct 17
Glenn at Retouch was a joy to work with. He is an absolute wizard at his craft. He took my dog-chewed photo and made it whole again. His response time to my original request and subsequent completion of the job were surprisingly quick given the task. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again and highly recommend his services.
Matt Lamont
02:21 28 Jul 17
Glen provides excellent work at a reasonable rate. Would recommend to anyone. Took an old photo with some worn edges and stains and made it look new again while keeping the photo looking original. Transferred to a disc to print anywhere. Best part was the 24 hour turnaround!
Marg Hamilton
22:59 19 Jul 17
I took in an old childhood photograph which was faded and unclear. Glen brightened it and clarified the details - I'm thrilled with the result. He completed the job within 24 hours and at all times was personable and professional. I hope others can also bring back memories through Glenn's skilled eye.
Sandra Dubecky
11:28 18 Apr 17
I recently had a number of old black-white family negatives and photos restored and placed on disc by Glenn Honiball of "". Most of these dated from the 1930's through to the 1950's and were of definite sentimental value to me. One large framed aerial photo was particularly damaged. He did a fine job of producing a retouched high resolution image which I was then able to have printed. I was more than pleased with the results and service.
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